Lyme Disease


I came across the highlights from a recent Lyme Awareness protest in San Francisco, Ca on October 5, 2013. From what I read it was an interesting day with some unexpected twists of fate.The park ranger (Jordan Fisher Smith) from the movie “Under Our Skin” was there to speak about his journey, along with many others. I was also very impressed with Zach Reed (aka Revolt) for his inspiring rap.

Link to full article on from the San Francisco Protest:


All of these people and their experiences should be heard to spread awareness to everyone. This is no laughing matter and this disease infects 300,000 plus people a year! Yes, you read that correctly. That is only the documented cases, this does not account for the undiagnosed patients. Protests like this one should be happening in cities all over to get the right people’s attention and get the guidelines changed. As of right now, Chronic Lyme’s Disease is not covered by insurance and the aggressive treatment is not adapted by all physicians as the rightful protocol. It is very controversial to say the least. Katie Couric even did a show about CLD this month. Progress is being made but more needs to be done to get the word out.

Photos accompanying this blog are by Stephanie Vandagriff of Kai West Photography and Tony Hayman. (From San Francisco Lyme Protest)


I wanted to share some information on how CDL is treated by an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor). I have this information because at this time I am being tested for CDL. I am 99% positive that I have CDL and have had it for quite some time. A great childhood friend also has CDL and after hearing everything that was going on with me suggested I watch “Under Our Skin”. It is an excellent documentary on CDL. I cried through the entire movie. It was such a relief to hear other people were going through what I was and best of all IT HAD A NAME, Chronic Lyme’s Disease! My friend started helping me get the necessary things in order to test for CDL and go through the symptom checklists. I was also blessed to get setup with an LLMD that is only about three hours away from where I live. In a few short weeks I will go for my first appointment with my good friend and together we will get the news. I will be blogging all about this journey as things come to pass and confirmations are made.In the meantime, I will continue to spread awareness and help my friend through her journey with CDL. Below are links to the checklist and documentation on treatment.

This link is to Diagnostic Hints & Treatment Guidelines for Lyme & Other Tick Borne Illnesses:
Here is the link to the Master Symptom List for CFS, FMS, CMP & Lyme Disease:

Please check out the documentary if you or anyone you know maybe experiencing unexplained symptoms that doctors are unable to diagnose. You may just save their lives!