Sorry it has been a minute since I posted but I had such a great last week that I didn’t have time to stop. After coming out of my flare up I have been feeling pretty good this last week. Still aching and pain but not enough to keep me in bed. We have been having beautiful fall weather, so you can’t resist wanting to be outside.

My friend had her beautiful baby girl this last week and she is so precious! Makes me wish I could have another baby but so glad I can’t in reality. Baby Boop and Mommy are in great health and everyone is at home doing well. 
While my husband and I were at the hospital, another old friend and neighbor dropped by. Haven’t seen her in a long while due to her soon to be ex. After leaving the hospital we went by to see her new house being built and made plans for later in the week.  She came and stayed the night at our house last week and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had.

It was great to catch up on everything that was going on in our lives, talk about our kids and make future plans. The best thing of all was her and I being the last up having some wine and giggling like school girls. It brought back so many memories of long nights on her back patio getting into deep spiritual conversations to all out laugh fests. Well this night was both and we went from crying to laughing so hard we were snorting like piggies! It felt so good to laugh like that again. I had forgotten what it was like to just forget everything and just have some fun. Being consumed with all the pain and fear that I have come into, it was a huge comfort to have her there. 

Well the fun did not stop there because the next afternoon we headed out for a little fishing trip. One of the best fishing trips I have had to date. We laughed so hard it was almost impossible to fish. It was all worth it because we tore them up that evening catching 37 white & speckled trout. We got to bring the best of both worlds together that night, great fishing and lots of laughter!

She invited us the next day to stay with her and her boyfriend at his camp. All four of us were fishing off the dock having some good laughs and planning our fishing extravaganza the next morning. The next morning at 5:30 AM we headed out in the 42 degree weather. We had a great time fishing and cutting up. We spent all day goofing off and fishing in different areas. Even though we did not catch a ton of fish it was great bonding time. That evening Mr. “P” cooked up all the fish we caught and we had a delicious dinner off the water. My hubby was not feeling well, due to the mass quantities of alcohol he consumed so we could not stay the night. We headed home and I put him to bed. That was the end of our great extended weekend.

Today I am patiently waiting for my lab results that I took. I am ready for some answers and growing impatient. I only have a little while longer before the big day in Pineville comes. This weekend reminded me that life is short and no one should have to spend it alone, unhappy, in pain or suffering. I am ready for the next step in wellness. Not just a physical one but a mental one as well. 

Bring on the new!!