One Step Closer…


Today I am one step closer to getting the answers that I have been desperately awaiting. This morning I set out with major brain fog, shakes and vertigo to the clinic. When I arrived I explained the complicated requests. 

Basically, I needed a random doctor or PA to sign my test requisition form so Igenex could run the lab work, but I also needed this clinic to draw the blood for them since Igenex is all the way in Palo Alto, CA. 

While I am waiting the nurse and I were talking and come to find out she has Lupus. She has had it for over 20 years! She gave me alot of great advice and a whole lot of do’s and don’ts. She must have told me a hundred times to go get my eyes checked because the Lupus medication and Lupus itself causes glaucoma (not what I wanted hear). Just one more thing to worry about since my peripheral vision has been messed up for months! She is a great woman and I have made a new friend!
While I was waiting on the doc I started reading her medical book and looked up Lyme Disease and Lupus. Pictures are in the gallery below.

When the doctor was ready, I had to explain everything to her. Why I was wanting the Lyme’s testing, why didn’t my doctor sign off, why did she have to sign this, blah…blah…blah. Finally, when she was comfortable signing and satisfied with my answers she proceeded for the blood draw. 

As I was getting my blood drawn, something peculiar was happening. I could not feel my entire arm, from shoulder down to my fingers. It was crazy! I kept telling the nurse as she was going exploring in my arm, but I think she secretly thought I was crazy. It took over thirty minutes for me to regain feeling in my left arm. I am not sure what caused it or why it happened, it just did.

So now that all that is done and I am safely back at home with the use of my left arm, I get to start a new game. A game of waiting for these infamous test results. I was told about a week to get them in…ugh! I am excited, scared, impatient and hopeful all at the same time. But I keep repeating to myself…I am one step closer!IMG_9210 IMG_9211 IMG_9212 IMG_9186 IMG_9203 IMG_9204 IMG_9205 IMG_9206 IMG_9207 IMG_9208