“Master Pianist”



So, I just had to write about my allusive neighbor today. I ran into her this morning as she was getting ready for her walk. Everybody on the block thinks this woman is “crazy” but I am starting to realize that she is not crazy but extremely intelligent and kind of a home body. She is a master musician and professor, or I should say used to be on the latter. She was recently in an accident when a teenager hit her and she damaged her shoulder and back and has not been able to play until this last week.

As we were talking she started speaking of her childhood and she almost came to tears talking about her father. I realized that her mother was a jealous woman and would not let her father that was also a very talented musician play their family piano. The mother who was not very good, insisted she be the only one to play it. Even though she only grew up listening to her mother play and not well from her account she still grew up to become a very sought after musician. She explained that until she was in her twenties she did not even know her father could play the piano and better yet as advanced as he did.  I guess some things are in the genes!

Anyway, as we were talking about my own passion for music and how I loved to play she offered one of the greatest gifts to my children. She offered to teach my kids to play all the instruments that she had if they were willing to learn. I was ecstatic! She prides herself greatly in her knowledge of music and her ability to teach it. She wants to start my middle child out first because she has shown the most interest in learning the piano. So Bug will be getting lessons from a master musician right next door! I am super stoked! To top all of this off…she is going to do it for FREE!!! Can’t ask for anything more than that!

I have always had a fascination for the piano. I have always wanted to learn to play myself. The beautiful music that can be made by the piano is hard to come by. It is so moving and breathtaking all at the same time. I have always wanted to have a piano in the house so the kids and myself could learn to play, but we all know how much pianos cost…was not going to happen. So I am grateful that my neighbor has one so the kids may learn to play.

I guess the morale of this little story is that we should not be so quick to judge a grumpy old woman next door. You never know what secret hidden talents they posses and are willing to share with others when treated with kind words and a gentle smile!

Some of my favs:

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