Medical Update

Here is part two of this big update. Sorry it took so long…the ticks took over ūüėČ


My last medical update was on my 6 week checkup. An eventful day full of blessings. Nestled in the back pines a new beginning was awaiting me. Not only did I take a huge step into getting well but made a new friend along the way. God has a funny way of bringing people together that need each other in that particular time in their lives. I have learned that this has happened quite often in my life and I am grateful. I do not believe in coincidence, I believe everything happens for a reason. It is God’s plan and is our fate.¬†

I spoke before about a man that I met waiting to see the doctor. I have since become friends with him and we talk frequently now to help each other through this journey. I have made a friend for life and I couldn’t be more grateful that God has brought us together, to help us stay motivated and to fight for life.¬†

I¬†truly¬†meant that it was a day of blessings. I left with orders for IV medication and for the first time hope for the future. On the way¬†home all I could focus on was the reality that maybe one day I would be blessed with a “normal” life. A life free of physical pain and mental anguish. ¬†


The next two weeks were very challenging for me. I went on a search for a surgeon to place the port-a-cath and a home health company to take over my care. Through recommendations I found the best surgeon in my area. After my consultation we were a go for surgery. It was really nice for the first time to have a doctor not question my disease and just say “let’s do this and get you better”!

I had my orders to do my pre-op workup and a date set for the out patient surgery. Mixed emotions flowed through me. It is very overwhelming but invigorating to finally be on the right path. During my pre-op another amazing thing happened to me. I was going in the room for my chest x-ray and the tech asked me if I minded talking to someone for a moment. Without hesitation I obliged. A beautiful woman came in that I could tell right away was ill just by the look on her face. She introduced herself and asked me about Lyme disease. She to had been diagnosed with Lyme and was there doing blood work for her visit to my wonderful doctor. I eased her worries by reassuring her that our doctor was the best and he would get us healthy again. I explained all the process and tried to help her all I could. I gave her all my information so she could contact me anytime she needed. Again, Gods plan brought two people together that needed each other in that very moment. I say this because a series of events had to happen so that we could meet at that exact moment in time. 


The night before surgery was definitely full of emotion. Even though I have had like a million surgeries this was different in so many ways. I was prepared physically to go through with this change but mentally I was struggling. To say the least it was a sleepless night and soon the morning sun had risen and it was time.

My Dad accompanied me to the hospital and got me all checked in. It was excruciating waiting to go back but the staff at this hospital were all so kind and made me feel so safe. It was great they could ease my anxiety without any medication at all.

After the surgery my Dad brought me to the infusion center to get my first infusion treatment.Then it was time for home to recover from the surgery. 


After the surgery I was sore for a few days but overall it was not bad. I had to keep a peripheral line in for 10 days after the surgery. This was quite a task for my home health nurse as I have the tiniest uncooperative veins…EVER! She banged me up pretty bad every time she had to drawl blood or replace the IV. After 10 days I was able to get the stitches out and the sterile dressing removed from the cath site.

The day after the stitches were removed it was finally time to access the power port. Let me tell you I did not expect it to hurt the way it did. I was in agony because my nurse tried like ten times to access it and couldn’t. Every stick with this mosquito looking thing sent me on a rage inside. I am very good at hiding my pain and I was having a hard time keeping composure. I am not sure if it was her not being experienced enough or I was just being a baby. I do know it is the oddest feeling to have someone stick a needle into a void in your chest to drawl back and you can feel a burn and pressure like your chest is going to implode. She stopped after about the fifth try and said “why don’t you take a couple of pain pills and let them kick in before I try again”! I am sorry NO ONE wants to hear a nurse say that! To say the least she could not do it and called for backup. A few hours later she returned with another nurse (more experienced) and she accessed it on the first shot and I didn’t feel it at all!

So with the port accessed and all my supplies delivered, it began. A new chapter in my journey. 


I want to stop and thank EVERYONE who has taken time out of their lives to help me throughout this adjustment in my life. The infusions drain me and I am a shell of my former self. I have good and bad days but right now more bad than good. I keep my head firmly on my pillow and dream for a better, brighter tomorrow that I know will come. 

Until next time my friends…



My treatment at the moment is as follows:

Thursday – Sunday Ceftriaxone Eclipse Infusion 2x/day

My list of pill form is in the pictures.