I have never been more moved by the collaboration of Lyme patients around the world speaking up to get the CDC & Healthcare community to listen to our cries. To see all their faces, young and old suffer the way I do is overwhelming. I have only known I had Chronic Lyme Disease for a few weeks, misdiagnosed for over 22 years. I, like many have suffered almost their entire lives. Diagnosed with one of the 350 diseases that Lyme can mock. I tested positive for Acute & Chronic Lymes Disease and positive by CDC guidelines. Most of the people in this movement have not even had a proper Lyme test done. It enrages me that a simple test could be done and the healthcare community ignores it like it does not exist. How many people have to be infected or die from this debilitating disease before they acknowledge that this disease has reached epidemic levels?I feel like it is now my duty and goal to bring as much awareness as I possibly can. I feel like I have to be heard. I do not wish to let them silence me and many others like me. A dog can get tested and treated for Lyme faster than a human being!! How is that even possible? I have vowed to myself to go to my city officials to be heard, and I encourage everyone who has Lyme or has a friend/loved one to do the same. Do not let them dismiss this anymore! Let us be heard!

I have met more and more people with Lyme since I started this blog and people I am close with. I feel for each and every one of them. I only got a diagnosis because a friend from grade school used her voice to speak out and help me. I am forever grateful for not being silent. She has the same dedication that I do, to make our voices heard. To help bring all the people who suffer with Lyme’s disease together as one very loud voice that can not be ignored anymore.

Please help bring awareness to everyone you know, especially if they are sick. Try to save a life just with information. Below I have compiled everything I could find to help get answers and to bring awareness.

DEADLINE DECEMBER 1, 2013 to submit your picture for awareness campaign

Testing for Lyme:
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Watch the Documentary UNDER OUR SKIN

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