There Comes A Time….


There comes a time when everyone must face what they don’t want to faceLife beats you into submission, till you decide to fight back. At some point you can not deny what is happening around you or hide from it. No one can save you but yourself. You have to tear away from all the thoughts of grandeur and obedience. Pick yourself up off the frigid floor. Stand before the looking glass and see the truth for what it is. Stop the lying, stop the pain and stop the hate. Be what you are at heart and see the light. Don’t let it drag you down again, down to the pits of Hell. Don’t go back to that place of solitude and fear. Pick up the pieces of the wreckage and move onward. Don’t look back. Hate awaits you in the rear view, and truth lies ahead. 


Love has come and gone and there is no going back. The hatred tries its best to win you over and life throws you one devastating blow after another. You can not believe the things that you have been done just to cope. Being taken for granted at every turn. Everything you once knew is shattered. Pain consumes an icy heart and takes you farther from the light. Unthinkable acts replay over and over in your mind. You try to piece together the broken fragments but it is pointless. Useless to try and fix anything anymore. Love just does not exist here anymore. 


You can try to fight back all the tears but they will come anyway. Try to hide the hurt but it shows through. Try to pretend, but it is no use. Forgotten dreams of hope vanish in the night. You realize everything you knew is a lie. Nothing is what it seems to be. It is all so empty, the void is endless. Look out to the night sky, let it consume you. Get lost in the stars. Try to find lost dreams. It all seems as if it is drifting farther and farther away. Just out of reach, taunting your every move. 


Pray for the light to come, pray for the night to fade. Beg for redemption, beg for peace. Peace of mind and soul. Try to heal your wounds, pull the knives from your back and try to mend. Rise up from the ashes, be strong. Do not shed anymore tears for things that you can not change. Race to the light, do not let the darkness catch you. Just run, run as fast as you can. It is creeping up, so run. Just fly away, far…far away.


Go to the light, love awaits you there. Peace beckons you. You can forgive but not forget. You become someone that I used to know. Go forth, the birth of a new life awaits you in the light.




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